About Us

CURTS as a society is dedicated to providing a space for tabletop gaming enthusiasts of all areas of interest and levels of experience to discuss, participate in and celebrate the hobby. Our member base is drawn from a wide cross-section of the University and provides a welcoming environment for new and experienced players alike.

Our regular gaming events provide a platform for GMs to flex their creative muscles and test out material in wide range of RPGs, from classic dungeon-crawling D&D to sci-fi epic Stars Without Number. Meanwhile, our pub nights on alternate weeks bring our members together to relax and get to know one another outside of the RPG environment.

CURTS is managed by an elected committee, elected by the society membership at the CURTS AGM. All members of the society are free to run for election and every member present at the AGM can vote.

We welcome people with any level of tabletop gaming experience, from decades-long RPG veterans to the totally unfamiliar but interested in getting their feet wet in a creative hobby quite unlike any other.