NEWSLETTER the First 1990/91 - The First


NEWSLETTER the First 1990/91

It all began to go horribly wrong for the Cthulhu Investigators when they discovered the remaindered copy of ‘Necronomicon: The Graphic Novel’ in Comics Showcase. So graphic if fact that the illustrations were the real thing. Those who made their SAN rolls fled… dodging the firefight as they passed the Traveller Party… through the rampaging hordes of Vikings, at which point the Professor got eaten by a wolf wearing a green ribbon… they lost the Private Eye as they ran through another firefight between a Twilight 2000 team and a group of Cyberpunk street samurai… through the Chaos Wastelands strewn with the victims of the Warhammer Critical Hits Table… past a group of Qabbal Characters who were too busy fighting amongst themselves to notice… into the Lair of the Dragon, from which they emerged bearing a large bottle of antiseptic mouthwash… through the Fantasy Forest where dwelt a unicorn with a large cork stuck on the end of its horn… at last they emerged on the top of a high building only to get thrown over the side by a bunch of Marvel Super Heroes who mistook them for that week’s Villains… only a roll of 01 on a d100 could save them now… At that point the GM woke up - he had a great idea for a scenario.

Well… It’s not always like that - serious games have been known to erupt. We, the Cambridge University D&D Society, exist to promote Role-Playing in all its multifarious forms. Since you are reading this, you are probably at least vaguely interested, in which case you are cordially invited to

The Squash

3:00pm,Saturday 13th October

Maitland Room, Downing.

Novices, experienced players and current members are all welcome. We will be handing out refreshments and accepting membership money. A Mega-Travellerbar room brawl has been organised (?) by Tony Jones - anyone is welcome to watch or play. The Squash will be followed by the first pub meeting of term at 8:00pm at The Granta Newnham Road. Other pub meetings will be organised later in the term.

What we have to offer

A 10% DISCOUNT at Games & Puzzles, the only local games stockists. This does not apply in conjunction with credit cards, and they prefer you not to go on Saturdays when it gets busy. This discount is for members only and is not transferable. THE LIBRARY - We maintain an erratically increasing library of games systems, supplements, modules, magazines, figures & dice. These are available for members to borrow. Deposits will be required but postdated cheques are accepted. There may be some restrictions on the borrowing of rare or out of print items. VIDEO EVENINGS - We will be holding regular video showings throughout the year. Requests and suggestions welcomed. LABYRINTHE - Live Role Playing expeditions are arranged to Labyrinthe (deep down the bowels of Chislehurst Caves) roughly once a term.


Weeklv Meetings

The Society organises weekly meetings at which members may try out new or different games systems or play in regular campaigns. Members of the committee are generally to be found at these meetings, in case you have any difficulty contacting them at other times. These meetings usually adjourn to the nearest bar afterwards. Provisional arrangements have been made to hold these meetings in the Upper Hall at Emmanuel on Tuesdays during Full Term, from 7:00pm to 10:30pm. The first meeting will be on Tuesday 16th October.

Annual Events


Those of you who were here last year will remember that the society’s magazine, Wasteland, died through lack of material but was put on probation until the 6th week of this term by a vote at the A.G.M. This means that YOU the society’s members, have 6 weeks in which to produce sufficient material (articles or artwork) to constitute a magazine worth putting out. To date we have received nothing except for a Cornflakes advert and the promise of an article from someone at Reading University. Come on you guys, you voted to keep it going……… If on the other hand, you’ve just spent all summer writing something for it then please ignore the griping and make your way to the nearest committee member, by whom your efforts will be gladly received.


Due to their commitment to the ideals of the society, our Vice President and External Officer did not quite manage to pass their exams, and are sadly no longer with us. Therefore we shall be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting in order to elect replacements. This will take place on Tuesday 23rd October, 7:00pm at the start of the weekly meeting in the Upper Hall, Emmanuel. It shouldn’t take too long if people turn up in time. Nominations for the positions of Vice President and External Officer should be given to the Secretary or Assistant Secretary by Sunday 21st. All nominations should be in writing (i.e. not over Phoenix) and be seconded by a member of the society.

PresidentQuinton (□) Carroll,
Jr-Treas.Ginni (□) Rose,
Secretary.Dave (□) Prince,
Assistant Secretary.Iain Walke.
External Officer.vacant.


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