NEWSLETTER the Second 1990/91 - System Archetypes

GM:(drawing a map) OK, this is the house. Remember that all you have to do is collect the package that the mysterious NPC in black told you about. What do you do?
Random Qabbal PC:I think we should burst in and shoot everyone with my cranequin.
Space Marine:I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
Dragonquest Courtesan:I’m going to seduce this small garden ornament.
Warhammer Trollslayer:Grrrrrrr, gerroff.
AD&D Thief:I’m going to check this poisoned spring mechanism for traps.
GM:Yes Yes but seriously, what are you going to do?
Random Qabbal PC:I’m going to burst in and shoot everyone with my cranequin.
Space Marine:I say we take off and nuke the site etc. etc.

At this point, to the GM’s great relief, Emmanuel’s Upper Hall slid off the edge of the world.

People who have yet to join

This will be the last newsletter you get out of us without joining. See a member of the Committee or come along to any society event. The weekly meetings are held at 7:00pmon Tuesdays in the Upper Hall at Emma.

Membership costs 5.00 for Life or C3.00 for the faint-hearted (1 Year).

New Additions to the Committee

At the E.G.M. held on the 23rd October the following were elected to the committee:-

Pete Moore (to be known as The Train) - Vice President.

Chris Carr (to be known as Zebedee) - External Officer.


For those of you who didn’t turn up to vote, you’ve only got yourselves to blame.


tick…tick…tick…tick… Time is running out for the society magazine. We still do not have enough material to make up another issue. Articles and artwork will be gratefully received by any committee member. The deadline is Wednesday 20th November. After this date we either have enough material for a magazine, or Wasteland dies. This time for good,with no saving throw and (at this rate) no chance of resurrection. Come on guys, you don’t want this on your consciences…


Our Role Playing counterparts at Reading University have invited us down on the weekend of 17th/18th November for a random combination of Role Playing and Drinking. Anybody who wants to come should get in touch with one of the committee. Limited transport is available on a first come,first served basis. If demand for transport exceeds that available and anybody wants to make their own way to Reading, then arrangements will be made to rendezvous there before things get underway.

Pub Meeting

The next communal ritual of libation shall be conducted on the unhallowed grounds of Catz Bar. The date shall be Wednesday 7th November, at 7:30pm.

Games & Puzzles Discount

Members please note that the discount offered by Games & Puzzles is subject to certain conditions. Namely:- i) The discount is not available on Saturdays. ii) The discount is available only for student members of the society. iii) The discount is available only on production of a current membership card with the expiry date clearly written on it. If you do not have an expirydate written on your card then please write it in. Since this applies mainly to life members, this date will be that on which you expect to leave University, but only up to a maximum of three years from now.


Re the photographs from last year’s dinner - we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we have some photos and they were rather cheaper than we expected. This means that we can refund approximately 40% of the original price. Now for the bad news. They are the wrong photos. That is to say, they are photos from last year’s dinner but not the ones we specifically ordered. Unfortunately the photographers got things mixed up and have now ceased trading, so we can’t get them replaced. The photos we do have (and the refund) can be collectedfrom Dave Prince. We have the right number of them, and they’re the right size, so it won’t have been a complete disaster…..

Chistmas Party

This will be held on Saturday 8th December. Details to followso keep that evening free.


Following hot on the heels of the Christmas party will be this term’s trip to Labyrinthe. If you want to hit people with rubber swords or shout arcane Words of Power at eccentrically attired monsters, then see Chris Carr. We will be going for a double length dungeon on the morning and afternoon of Sunday 9th Dismember (Oops. Slip of the keyboard). It’s currently believed to cost $14 but it may have gone up. Chris should have the precise details. First timers note that we have a copy of the Labyrinthe rulebook and supplement in the Library