NEWSLETTER the Third 1990/91 - Sci-fi

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, our heroes had got themselves involved in many large and complicated subplots. Having blown these away (who said the pen is mightier than the antimatter missile?) the main plot reared its ugly and radioactive head.

“Right you are facing the evil liche ‘Wasteland”’ said the G.M.

“OK guys, where’s the NBC suits? And pass me the owners manual for the Z-Meson Gun.“ordered the fearless paladin, having just realised that by some quirk of die rolling that his +5 Holy Avenger didn’t work in a vacuum.

“I want to kill it!” said the marine leaning out of the air lock with his gauss rifle.

“No, me! It’s my turn!” shouted the psychotic Jedi.

“You killed it last time. I want a go.” complained the giant slayer.

The party continued squabbling, the G.M. sighed, and the plot died of boredom.

Christmas Party

This is it, the event that you’ve been waiting for all term, and guess what….. especially for you we’ve made it into two events to be held on Saturday 8th December; the Christmas Dungeon and the Christmas Party. The dungeon will be a regular session for irregular games, held in the afternoon between 12:00 and 17:00. in the Party Room, Downing. Anyone who wants to run something at this please let us know in advance. The party will be held after the dungeon at 19:00 - 23:00 in the Ramsden Room, Catz.. This will require a ticket, purchased in advance be- cause Pete Moore will be on the door (well the remains of it). The price is C3 and this will get you minced pies, mulled wine and the choice between a Twilight 2000 firefight and a Qabbal drug den brawl. Tickets are available from Ginni or Dave Prince at or before the next Pub Meeting.

Dub meeting

In our alternative guise as the League of Unfettered Inebriation we shall be meeting on Wednesday 5th December at 19:30 in Catz Bar.


Your hardworking external officer has re- ceived a very pleasant and encouragingreply from these nice rubber-sworded people. The cost of a double length adventure on Sunday 9th Dec is still only $14. The two catches are that there must be a minimum of ten of us and the money has to be in a week early, so the money must be in to Chris Carr by Friday 30th November. Pete Garner (the organiser) says that he’s paying a G.M. to write a double adventure specially for us for that day, so it sounds good. Any queries email CC112 or drop in and see Chris personally.

There is a problem with the weekly meeting scheduled for Tuesday 4th December. We don’t have the room at Emma. Due to excessive rooms charges elsewhere, we can’t get anywhere else. We suggest that G.M.s and players arrange to play elsewhere. Those who can’t contact their party in time should meet in Catz bar at 19:00to sort this out. We should be back to normal for next term.


Following issues raised at the A.G.M.last year regarding the nature of our gaming ses- sions, we want to arrange an evening of one-off scenarios. The idea is to give members an op- portunity to experience something different, rather than tie themselves down to the same old campaigns, week in, week out. We also hope that this will encourage some of our less active members to come along to the weekly sessions. In an unheard of move, we, the committee, have decided to try and organise something along these lines, for the third weekly session of next term. We hope that current G.M.s will be willing to suspend their campaigns for one week and run something different either in their own system, or if they prefer, in another. Anyone else who wants to run something is very welcome to do so and the more people who come along to try things out, the better. We would like to advertise this beforehand in the first or second Newsletter of next, so please could prospective G.M.s send details (i.e. system, preferable number of players, anticipated style of play, etc.) to Dave Prince <DKP10> or Iain Walker.


This year’s earth shattering slugfest be- tween the powers of Light and Dark (guess which one we are) has been arranged for the weekend of the 9th and 10th of February. It is be- ing hosted by Oxfordthis year and they have chosen the AD&D system (surprise surprise). If you are interested in representing the powers of D-oops… er, that is our wonderful society then give your name to Chris Carr. We will be holding selection dungeons at the first and second sessions of next term to choose the lucky (?) team. Any member of the society is eligible except those who have represented us before. More of this in the next Newsletter.

Games & Puzzles Discount

Members please note (again) that the discount offered by Games & Puzzles is subject to certain conditions. Firstly, the discount is not available on Saturdays. Secondly, the discount is available only for student members of the society and is not transferable. Thirdly and most importantly,from the start of next term the discount will only be available on production of a current membership card with the date clearly written on it. If you do not have an expiry date written on your card then please write it in. Since this applies mainly to life members,this date will be that on uhich you expect to leave University,but only up to a maximum of three years from now.


Many Thanks to those who came along (Matt and Doug) and helped us wipe the floor with them. We won the AD&D dungeon crawling tournament, the game of Kingmaker and the (in)consequential 1920’s gangster card game. Also many orders of magnitude more thanks to the Pres for driving us there and the J T for let. ting us use her car.

Video Evenings

We would like to arrange a video evening or two for next term, but we have yet to find a suit- able room. Is there anybody out there who knows of a room, equipped with TV and VCR, that wouldbe available to us? If so please let us know. Also, requests for actual films would be welcome, otherwise Iain is liable to choose them all…


Suggestions are now being taken for what we should spend our money on (note suggestions should be sent to Quinton so don’t try anything silly). Please could you also include reasons for your suggestions, “I want to try out CyberPunk and you haven’t got it” is fine, that’s what we’re here for, but “I’ve got CyberPunk and I think it’s so fantastic that other members should know about it” is more informative. We will also consider things like source books on medieval weaponry and castles. Will everyone who has anything on loan please see Quinton before the end of term.


wasteland gravestone


If anybody out there has Quinton’s Labyrinthe Handbook, he wants it back.

The Committee are

President:Quinton Carroll,Dougal28 Gostlin, St. Catherine’s
Vice President:Pete Moore,The Train5 Gresham Road (Gonville & Caius)
Junior Treas.:Ginni Rose,The Blue Cat14 Metcalf Road
Secretary.•Dave Prince,Florence7 St. Peter’s Terrace (Peterhouse)
Assistant Secretary:Iain Walker,The Cardboard Cut-out Shrub With No Soul140 Chesterton Road (Emmanuel)
External Officer.Chris Carr,Zebedee46 Lensfield Road (Downing)