NEWSLETTER the Fourth 1990/91 - New Years

Once more into the breach…..(?)

Once more into the breaching charges.

You’ve had well over a fortnight to recover from the new years party (I have & I just can’t wait until they publish the photos). Another term and another chance to see how many nights each week you can save your planet/universe/bank account

Weekly meetings

Due to a random fluke of organisation, the weekly meetings will continue this term exactly as last term. 19:00,Tuesdays in the Upper Hall, Emma.


So far we have had an encouragingresponse to the ’one-offs’sessions to be held at the 3rd weekly meeting (5th February).Anyonewanting to run a scenario should let us know at or before the 2nd weekly meeting this term. Prospective players should come to the start of this meeting to sign up for a game so that the GMs have a week to prepare.

Pub Meeting

The Eater of Souls Appreciation Society will convene on the evening of Thursday 24th January in Catz Bar at 19:30.

Annual Dinner

Question: Do you like to eat?

Question: Do you like to drink?

Question: Do you like dressing up in silly costumes?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then you don’t want to miss this term’s most prestigious social event:-

The Cambridge University

Dungeons & Dragons Society

Annual Dinner

The dress code is Costumes or Black (Tie optional). It will be happening just before the end of term, further details to follow.


Last term’s trip to Labyrinthe was a success and we will be organising another for the end of this term.

Varsity Match

As stated in the last newsletter, this will take place on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of February. Oxford are hosting it and have chosen AD&D (Yes, you remember. That one).Selection(ifthere are more than half a dozen of you willing to sacrifice a weekend for the glory of the society. By the way there’s this wonderful pub in the middle of Oxford with several real ales and scrumpy on draught) will now be held at the one-offs session, so volunteers should should let us know at or before the 2 nd session and sign up for one of the scenarios that have a selecting committee member involved.

Any member of the society is eligible except those who have represented us before.

Travel costs will be subsidised by the society.

Rag Dungeon

In case you hadn’t already noticed, this is rag term. we will be holding a 24 hour role playing session to raise money for charity during the first weekend in March. So get your diary out and note this down. More precise details will be included in newsletter the fifth.


By the time this newsletter reaches you we shall have been and bought lots of lovely new items for the library. We still have some money left though so if you should happen to find anything else worth having please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Games & Puzzles Discount

Just a little reminder about membership cards.
No expiry date => No discount

The Committee are

President:Quinton Carroll,Dougal28 Gostlin, St. Catherine’s
Vice President:Pete Moore,The Train5 Gresham Road (Gonville & Caius)
Junior Treas.:Ginni Rose,The Blue Cat14 Metcalf Road
Secretary:Dave Prince,Florence7 St. Peter’s Terrace (Peterhouse)
Assistant Secretary:Iain Walker,The Cardboard Cut-out Shrub With No Soul140 Chesterton Road (Emmanuel)
External Officer.Chris Carr,Zebedee46 Lensfield Road (Downing)

Membership List 1990/91


David Humphries

Shane Murphy

Joel Goldsetin

Clive Jones

Gareth Rees

Lional Lopez-Welsch

Antony Booth

S. Ridzuan

Robert Daniels


Gary Collier

John Tothill


Tim Stanton

Ben Stewart

Tim Fitzmourice

Simon Beale

David Mosedale

Bryn Edmondson

Richard Owen


Greg Sarnecki

S. Scott

l. Groves

Mark Sutton

John Burnham


T. Walker

Anthony Grocock

Chris Martin

Stephen Frye


Dimitris Aperghis


Rosie Jones


Chris Carr

Andrew Clarke

Robin Harbord

John Peace


Dave Smith

Mike Wygard

lain Walker

John Dales

Jeff Jackson (contact Nia Emma Jackson)

Ben Newling

John Prowle

Matthew Finlayson

Rebecca Teed

Matthew Freestone


Harvey Maycock

Manuella Phillips

Philip Hurst

Justin Roberts

Martin Fay


Helen Steele

Rebecca Thornton

Andrea Stacey


N. Steel

D. Wood

James Goodman


Ben Davis 325

Yad Clayton 250

Matthew Nesbit 665

David Wright

Anthony Huggett


J. Merry

P. Dastoor

Dave Prince

S. Holmes

Simon Pick

Edward Carter

Jonathan Appleby

Paul Roberts

Neil Walker


J. Watson

Dr Nick Inglis

Mark Taylor

Daniel Tomkins

Roger Thomson

Michael Crabtree

Toby Partridge

Bruce Monaghan

Stephen Hewson


Carl Homer

Conor Nixon


P. J. Francis

Simon Billows

Quinton Carroll

Vo Voong


H. Walters

J. D. King

David W. Williams

Jiten Samani

D. Bester

Robert Downham

Richard Holloway

Robert Matthews

Matthew Reid

Roger Moore

Mark Bramley


J. A. Loten

Chris Coward


Gary Savage

Tim Morely

Alexander Jones


D. Reay

Dave McNally

Tomaz Slivnik

R Dearnaley

R Alcock

D Menzies-Gow

J Dyer

B Brunswick

Simon Granleese

Jonathan Mcaleese

Gareth Mcaleese

Stephen Postlewhite


Leslie Bullock

Paul Smit


Michael Hudson

Chloe Hudson

Peter Edge


David Townsend

Paul Curtis

Luke Millichap

Tim <something>

Andrew Davies


A Baker

I Drylie

Michael Abbott

Tony Jones

Danny Banks

John Dallman

Mike Whitaker

Jane Crofts

Jim Wall

Ginni Rose

Rhodri James

R Hunt

Steve Deas

Tony Mitton

Matt Johns

Dave Eagles

Clive Dixon

Alex Tingle

Matt Fitzgerald

O. Smith


Chuck Specor

Paul De Bendern

Sally Thompson

A. Dalton-Bro