NEWSLETTER the Sixth 1990/91 - Demonology

On Demonology in a Caring Society

Ic’stan stood back and surveyed the room carefully. Nothing broke the silence as he carefully checked that the hours of preparation had been carried out perfectly. On the marble floor in front of him was his warding pentacle, its outline traced in blood and rare herbs. Finally with conviction he took his place at the large lizard shaped lectern, and began. The ward glowed faintly and then burst into a small wall of flame. The room slowly darkened as the light was drawn into the bubble held within the shimmering bounds of the ward.

Then he began the terrible ritual of summoning. Slowly he read from the thick grimnoire, each syllable causing the ward to flicker in brightness. Then as his mind made the link, an embryonic point of darkness formed in the heart of the bubble. Slowly it grew and in its heart a form materialised. Then with a faint sigh the entire bubble filled and became jet black. For a few seconds the darkness held and nothing could be seen in the ward. Then it cleared and Ic’stan prepared for the sight of Rigellan the Lord of despair.

As the mists cleared, Ic’stan gasped in horror at the sight before him. The candle light flickered uncertainly upon an apparition wearing a creased grey suit and beneath the grey hair, those terribly friendly grey eyes… The man smiled quietly at Ic’stan with infinite patience, whilst Ic’stan nearly fainted. Trying to regain some composure Ic’stan desperately asked, “Are you Rigellan, Demon Lord of Despair, master of mighty death and terrible despair, the great 100 armed warrior, general of the 1000 immortal DIY fanatics?”

“Yes”, replied the small man simply. “Who else do you think would come to my summoning?”

“Er, well I thought you would be… well, slightly bigger”, stammered Ic’stan.

“You were expecting tentacles and mouths, were you? Well it’s just so formal, it’s just not in vogue I’m afraid. It’s all so damned inconvenient, I only appear like that on really special occasions. Imagine trying to sit comfortably without tripping over yourself!”

said Ic’stan relaxing. “Are ye able to see the lives and destinies of all men? Are ye not all seeing and hearing? I seek your powers of insight, Great Lord!”

“Yes, yes man. Get on with it. You could at least have provided a chair in here.”

“I beseech thee Lord to answer my question. Ic’stan paused as if for effect and then a faintly sheepish look passed over his face. “Please, please tell me what did I do after those eight pints at the CUDADS pub meeting last night?”

Matt Nesbit.

Weekly Meetings

There will be no meeting on Tuesday 12th March. We had intended to hold the Annual Dinner on this date, but we’re not. For those of you that hadn’t heard, it’s on Thursday 14th March instead. What we are doing on Tuesday is holding a

Pub Meeting

The Popular Front for the Liberation of the Corner Nearest the Bar will conspire on the evening of Tuesday 12th March in Catz Bar (in the corner) at 19:30.

Varsity Match

Over and done with at last. What do you mean, who won? Due to a couple of last minute substitutions, the final team was (quorate)

DougalThe Train
Matt NesbitFlorence
Vo VoongThe CCSWNS

with Harvey Maycock being our D.M. Those players who didn’t turn up should report for immediate termination.

Our Oxford G.M. (who wrote the scenario) decided to dump our brave Viking band in Ravenloft and leave us to find our own way out. We escaped. Oxford didn’t. The final result, however, was very close. to whit two points.

We do of course wish to avoid triumphalism and feel very strongly that we should remember the dead on both sides…

Rag Dungeon

The final(ish) arrangements for this are as follows:-

Games to be held on Friday 8th to Saturday 9th, 8pm to 8pm. The actual locations will depend on which game you’re playing in. There are currently three to choose from:-

  1. Marvel Super Heroes ,G.M.ed by Tony Jones and The Train. Location 5 Gresham Road.
  2. The much publicised Living Steel, G.M.edby Martin Fay and someone else (?). Location Matt Nesbit’s room, Kings, A staircase.
  3. GURPS, G.M.ed by Alex Jones. Location to be arranged.

If you want to take part then you should go and see The Train to put your name down and collect a sponsorship form.

Membership Errata Errata

Matt Nesbit only had one T to start with, but people are always getting it wrong so he’s not complaining about the publicity.

Matt Fitzgerald has complained about being classed as part of the Real World. We would like to rectify this error. Matt Fitzgerald is purely imaginary (the accounts did themselves last year). Actually he is now part of Imperial College, London.

Much the same point applies to Alex Tingle who is now studying at Birmingham University.

Anything else?

The Committee are1

President:Quinton Carroll,Dougal28 Gostlin, St. Catherine’s
Vice President:Pete Moore,The Train5 Gresham Road (Gonville & Caius)
Junior Treas.:Ginni Rose,The Blue Cat14 Metcalf Road
Secretary:Dave Prince,Florence7 St. Peter’s Terrace (Peterhouse)
Assistant Secretary:Iain Walker,The Cardboard Cut-out Shrub With No Soul140 Chesterton Road (Emmanuel)
External Officer.Chris Carr,Zebedee46 Lensfield Road (Downing)


The insanity in the rendering of the committee in this issue cannot be recreated with modern technology. Please see the original.