NEWSLETTER the Eighth 1990/91 - The Creature

Once a year those who reside upon the highest seats summon forth a loathsome creature. A creature so powerful that it cannot be banished except by the passage of time. Forthwith they set this creature upon their followers and apprentices to test their strength and skill. To succeed, the creature must be bound (into separate bundles,clearly marked by section) by quotation from arcane texts and application of the rituals described there in. Those who fail are sent down to another place and are rarely seen again.

Friends, this time is upon us again. We remember those who have passed beyond and the lessons they taught us. Few of our society have gained the necessary experience to ward the creature (usually three successive bindings) and this will be the last you hear from us as we go underground to prepare.

So fare you well and we’ll see you on the other side.

Weekly meetings

Thanks to those who ran games for the I-Off session on the 7th, and thanks to those who turned up to play them. It was well worth repeating. We think.

Pub Meeting

If this missive reaches you in time, here is just a reminder that the Ancient Illuminated Lodge of the Hermetic Order of Drinkers, Sippers, Quaffers and Allied Trades will be gathered within the Portals of Catz bar at 19:30 on Tuesday 21st May. Please remember to bring an apron and a trowel (it’s the only practical way to drink an Eater of Souls, after all).


Sufficient interest has been expressed for Zebedeeto organisea trip for a single mid-level party. The proposeddate for this is Sunday 9th June. See Zebedee himself for further details (the price etc.).

Video Evening

We’re hoping to arrange a showing of videos in the week after the exams (we thought it was about time - we haven’t had one this year). We intend to show

Erlk the Vlklng

The Princess Bride

and, if we can get the room for long enough, or if we can’t get one of the above,


Sound O.K.?

The venue will be the Castlereagh (sp?) room, St. John’s and Wednesday 19th June.

Punt Party

The consensus at the Pub Meeting on the 30th was that we should go ahead and have a Punt Party. So we will.

The proposed date for this momentous occasion is Sunday 16th June, from 13:00 to 18:00. The idea is to start off from Scudamore’s and then punt in a Grantchester-wards direction, eat there and then punt back in an appropriately satiated and leisurely fashion. The Society will be providing the food (included in the price of the ticket - see below), but you will have to provide your own drink. We suggest that people meet beforehand in the Mill (just beside Scudamore’s) from 11:00 onwards, so that we can set off as soon as we have the punts assembled. Tickets are available from Dougal at Catz, at the following prices:-


At the moment we have 30 tickets available (or will have, just as soon as they’re printed), since to date we can only be sure of getting 5 punts. However,if more than 30 people want to come along, we shall do our best to obtain a 6th punt.

Deadline for the purchasing of tickets for the Punt Party is the 2ndJune.


Originally we were going to hold this year’s Annual General Meeting on the afternoon of Friday 14th June, but some of our members, to whit the ones who actually work for a living, objected that they wouldn’t be able to attend. So we considered moving it to the evening of the 14th’ where- upon some of our university members, to whit the ones who don’t work for a living, objected that they had lots and lots of other May Weeky things to do on that (and indeed most other) May Week evenings.

So what we’re going to do is this:-

The still going to be held on Friday 14th June, but we are very cunningly going to position it mid-way between after- noon and evening. Ideally, people should arrive from 16:30onwards, so that we can get started at 17:00. This should allow peo- ple in the Real World to get away from work in time, and also allow those with evening engagements to get away again before their entire social life collapses.

The venue for the A.G.M. will be the Robert Gardener Room at Emmanuel, although this is subject to confirmation.

Business for the A.G.M

Motions will be discussed. If anyone thinks that there is some point which the Society urgently needs to discuss, then the motion must be submitted in writing, and must be dated and seconded,and signed by both proposer and seconder. So far, we have two motions to be presented to the A.G.M.:-

  1. That the name of the Society to be changed. We want to decide on this in principle first, and then take a vote on the new name.

  2. That we introduce a new system for electing the Committee,and write it into the Society’s Constitution. This new system will involve a single ballot to elect all members of the new Committee, rather than separate ballots to elect each particular post The actual posts that the new committee members will actually hold will then de- pend on their stated preference, and the position in which they came in the ballot itself.

If this second motion is passed then the main business at the Meeting, to whit The Election of Next Year’s Committee, will be conducted according to the new system. If it is not, then we stick with the old system electing candidates to individual posts.


This will all make perfect sense on the day. But if you want to stand for next year’s committee,then please read the following:-


Any member of the society is eligible tc stand, although it is not recommended that you do so if you aren’t actually going to be here next year (does happen, you know). Nominations must be in writing, and must be dated and seconded,and signed by both proposer and seconder. You can nominate yourself, if you like.

Candidates should list, in order of preference, the positions within the new Committee that they would like to hold, e.g., Secretary, Assistant Secretary, External Officer, or President, Vice-President, Junior Treasurer etc. This assumes that the new voting system will be accepted, and should enable the members to gain some idea of the actual shape of the Committee they are about to unleash.

If the new voting system is rejected, and we stick to the old system of candidates standing for particular posts, then the can- didate’s first preference will be taken as the post for which he or she wishes to stand.

This way the candidates themselves needn’t worry about the fact that the voting system is currently undecided- it’s just the people organising the elections who have to work out what the hell’s going on…

Nominations and motions for the A.G.M.must be presented to either Dougal or Florence by midnight of Wednesday 12th June.

The Committee are

President:Quinton Carroll, 28 Gostlin, St. Catherine’s Dougal
Vice-President:Pete Moore, 5 Gresham Road (Gonville & Caius)The Train
Jr-Treas:Junior Treasurer: Ginni Rose, 14 Metcalf RoadThe Blue Cat
Secretary:Dave Prince, 7 St. Peter’s Terrace (Peterhouse) Florence
Assistant Secretary:Iain Walker, 140 Chesterton Road (Emmanuel)TheCCSWNS
External Officer:External Officer. Chris Carr, 46 Lensfield Road (Downing) Zebedee