NEWSLETTER the First 1991/92 - The Beginner's Guide

Cambridge University
Dungeons And Dragons Society

NEWSLETTER the First 1991/92

A Beginner’s Guide to the Subtle Art of Role-Playing

Written For Ye Discerning Readers in Three Simple Stages by Diverse Masters of the Craft.

1 - Character Generation

“(A) Character is the result of a system or stereotyped principles.” David “Try rolling your Constitution again,” Hume

2 - Combat

THE PLAYER: It’s what [characters] do best. They have to exploit whatever talent is given to them, and their talent is dying. They can die heroically, comically, ironically, slowly, suddenly, disgustingly, charmingly, or from a great height…

ROSENCRANTZ.: Is that all they can do - die?

THE PLAYER: No, no - they kill beautifully. In fact some of them kill even better than they die. The rest die better than they kill. They’re a team.

From “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” by Tom “This is probably a good lime to spend a Fate Point” Stoppard

3 - Character Advancement

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich “Oh all right,have another 200 Experience Points” Nietzschc

Hello and welcome to the Cambridge University Dungeons & Dragons Society (which you are going to join, aren’t you?). We exist to promote Role-Playing in all its multifarious forms, so before you ask, yes we do play games other than D&D - GURPS, Rolemaster, Cthulhu, Cyberpunk. Champions, Marvel Super Heroes, Warhammer, Twilight 2000, Traveller, En Garde, Qabbal… You name it. we play it. and even if we don’t. we can probably help you organise it if you want to run it (and need players) or play it (and need a GM). ll doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing for years, or if you’re only just thinking of taking up role-playing here and now, either way you won’t be the only one, and there is usually a game going on somewhere to suit any taste. Since your interest has sustained you this far into the Newsletter, you are cordially invited to

The Squash

3:00pm, Saturday 12th October,

Party Room, Downing College

Current members are welcome as well, naturally. We will be distributing refreshments and accepting membership money. Membership costs £3 for one year. £5 for life, £2 to upgrade from one to the other. For your edification and delight. a game of some variety will be arranged - feel free either to watch or join in. The Squash will be followed (after an appropriate break in which to eat) by the first Pub Meeting of the year. We shall be gathering in the Mitre (on Bridge St.) al 8:00pm that evening. Other Pub Meetings will be organised at regular intervals later on in term.

Now, what else do we have to offer? Turn the page and read on…

Weekly Meetings

The Society organises weekly role-playing sessions. during which a number of different campaigns will be run. Members will also have the opportunity to try out new or different game systems, not only in these regular campaigns, but also in occasional meetings devoted to one­ off scenarios, held roughly once a term. Members of the commillee are usually to be found at these meetings, just in case you have difficulty in contacting them at other times. These meetings usually adjourn to the nearest bar afterwards.

Provisional arrangements have been made to hold the weekly meetings in the Upper Hall at Emmanuel on Tuesdays during Full Term, from 7:00pm to 10:30pm. The first meeting will be on Tuesday 15th October. Prospective GMs wishing to arrange campaigns should arrive early.

Other Regular Events

VIDEO EVENINGS - We will be holding a number of video showings throughout the year. Requests and suggestions welcome.

LABYRINTH - Live Role-Playing trips are arranged to Labyrinth (deep in the bowels of Chislehurt Caves) roughly once a term.

Annual Events

CHRISlMAS PARTY - Mulled wine, mince pies and al least one bar room brawl.

ANNUAL DINNER - Usually held around March. Fancy Dress, Black Tie optional.

VARSITY MATCH - Played against Oxford. We have now won this for three years running, and we’d like to make it four. So if you’re interested in beating Oxford at something, join us rather than the Boat Club.

RAG DUNGEON - 24 hr Marathon held in aid of Rag.

PUNT PARTY - May Week Extravaganza.

And There’s More

10% DISCOUNT at Games & Pu7.zles on Green St., the only local game stockists. is

available to student members of the Society only, and is subject to a number of conditions:-

i) The discount applies only to role­ playing materials.

ii) It is not available on Saturdays.

iii) It does not apply in conjunction with credit cards.

iv) It is available only on production of a current Society membership card, with the date of expiry clearly wrillen on it.

THE LIBRARY - We possess an erratically increasing library of game systems,

supplements, modules, magazines, figures and dice. These are available for members to borrow. Deposits are required, but post-dated

. cheques are accepted. However, there may be some restrictions on the hiring out of .rare or out of print items.

Last Year’s A.G.M

A late news item… Since last year’s A.G.M. was held right at the end of term, we were unable to get a Newsletter out informing you of what momentous decisions were made

Firstly, the new system for electing committee members that had been proposed failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority required to write it into the constitution. Those present did however give the President a mandate to write the old system into the constitution, so that last year’s confusion will hopefully not be visited on the Society again.

Secondly, a motion to change the name of the Society to the Cambridge University Role­ Playing Society (C.U.R.P.S.) also failed to get a two-thirds majority, and was also rejected.

Thirdly, this year’s committee was elected. For who they are, what they are to be known as, and where they may be found, see below.

The Committee are

President:Pete Moore(The Train)Rm. 12, 27 Green St. (Gonville & Caius)
Vice-President:Chris Carr(Zebedee)N4, Downing, <CC112>
Jr-Treas:Iain Walker(The Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel)
Secretary:Rebecca Teed(Rosemary)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel), <RT108>
Assistant Secretary:Matt Nesbit(Dylan)A9, Kings
External Officer:Harvey Maycock(Brian)A21, Fitzwilliam, <HRM10>