NEWSLETTER the Third 1991/92 - Gothic Typefaces and Campaign Listings

Cambridge University
Dungeons And Dragons Society

NEWSLETTER the Third 1991/92

TRANSLATOR’S NOTE - An Introduction to Illegible Gothic Typefaces

Apparently some people had difficulty deciphering our last Newsletter, so in the interests of clarity, all headings have been sub-titled, and the following guide to the perplexed has been included. The essence of your average Gothic Typeface is that most of the letters look like other letters. However, with a little practice, one becomes used to this and can learn to read Gothic text fluently. To assist you in this, We have included a number of common GMs’ utterances, written in Gothic, accompanied by their translations into a more legible typeface.

  1. “Take four points of damage” - “Got you, you bastard.”
  2. “I’ll make the roll for you” - “You’re about to discover the plot, and I can’t stop you except by cheating.”
  3. “You mean you’ve run out of Fate Points?” - see #1
  4. “Just don’t roll 96-100” - “I have cursed your dice.”
  5. “You’ll need a critical success’ - “I wish I’d cursed your dice.”
  6. “Can I see your Character Sheet, please?” - “Doesn’t your Character have any weak points”
  7. “Your opponent is still standing” - “I am mentally reconfiguring his Hit Points.”
  8. “I Think we’ll leave it there for this week” - “Maybe I didn’t kill you all, but at least I’ve got you seriously worried.”

One Off Meetings

(trans. - Let’s play something else)

The weekly meeting on Tuesday 26th November will be devoted entirely to One Off scenarios.· This is to allow people to try new systems. for people playing in other campaigns to GM something of their own, or·for GMs to tale a break and play something for a change. H you want to run something. please tell a member of the committee by oc at the next Pub Meeting (see later). giving details of the system you want to run, and the number of players wanted. Prospective players should come to the weekly meeting on Tuesday 1st November. and sign up for the scenario of their choice, so that the GMs will know just how many people they will have to cater for. Regular campaigns will then resume on Tuesday 3rd December.

Christmas Party

(trans. - It’s mulled wine and mince pie time)

WHEN? Saturday 7th December. 7:00pm.

WHERE? Ramsden Room. Catz.

WHY? Because we’11 be serving mince pies and mulled wine, and there’11 be numerous silly games to play (or avoid).

HOW MUCH? A mere £3. Tickets will be available from · Matt Nesbit at any society meeting.

We will not be holding a separate Christmas Dungeon this year - instead. we are hoping to have a few· more games running at the Christmas Party itsel•f . H anyone would like to run something. touch with a committee member sometime soon. Last year we had a Twilight 2000 firefight in a fuel dump, and a Qabbal drug den brawl, just to give you some idea.


David Bate: Material Science

This Campaign is set in southern Middle Earth 200 to 300 years before the Lord of the Rings.. It will begin with a series of short adventures and will be tailored to the party’s desires later on. Not just hack and slash, some good sense is required. [Players sought] Tuesday

Pete Moore: Caius

A slightly down-to-Earth superheroes campaign. Superheroes have been around since the 19th century and technology is rather advanced. Join the New York superhero team Bastion: save the world, become famous, lose your job, lose your family… W e d n e s d a y

Matt Nesbit:Kings-Box 665
Runequest, if any

I am running a nearly systemless political campaign. The fantasy setting is one of an arctic tundra, populated by antagonistic and proud tribes of nomadic hunter-gatherers. The characters are tribesmen and women, who ave been shocked out of the political ignorance by a chance encounter. From this point on, their options are open: to right injustices, or to use their new-found subjectiv ty to further their own desire for power, magic, peace of mind or just to be anarchic. The aim of the ga,me is to be as selfish, manipulative and machiavellian as possible, or to have feelings of genuine outrage and a desire to do good. The game penalizes heavily all unplanned violence. and any open combat is likely to reduce the players to bird food. Though assassination, back stabbing, poisoning, thievery, etc. are strongly suggested, the opposition are intelligent. [1 player sought] Monday

The Return of the Unlife

being the chronicle of the 3rd age of Ire

Dick Clayton: Trinity

A low-level Shadowworld campaign (Jalman for those in the know): realistic fantasy with a quest hidden somewhere in the background. No hack & slash players need come along.

Tong Jones: Christ's

Fairly down-to-Earth superheroes campaign where no-one wean a costume that most be stuck on with sticky tape. Join tbe Guardians, one of the world’s three superhero teams as they fight crime, each other end 150-year-old superhuman dictators in a high-tech 1990, where superhumans have existed since 1881 ead WWIII ended in 1944. Friday

Phone recruiting officer Michael Zush: x3713

Help Wanted
In a homebrew system situated A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy far far away... Six heroic Rebels, wanted to fight Evil Empire, pay: minimal, pension plan: non-existent. Good promotion prospects - Bring your own blaster. May the mystic power that suffuses the universe be with you. [Players sought] TBA

Iain Walker: Emma Qabbal

A game set in the Enlightenment, at thje start of the industrial Revolution. Not our Industrial Revolution, of course. This is a world where magick is harnessed as a technological tool, where Daemons and Difference Engines co-exist, enchanted dirigibles wage war with 100-gun ships of the line, where the new and growing class of venture capitalists buy and sell shares in the vilest of occult horrors… The ideal place for a disparate group of PCs chareged with the task of discovering the plot. So far, they know that they;re trying to track down a wizard’s library, which if found, will enable their country to win a (so far) long and costly war. [1 player sought, but new characters will be hard to fit in] Thursday

John Prowle: Emma Call of Cthulhu

In a campaign set in the 1990’s based around Chaosium’s At Your Door supplement, the in’:estigators will meet madness and death as they probe the mysteries surroundmg a missing microbiologist. Tuesday

Ed carter. Peterhouse Time Troopers

You too can change history. You too can blow up/lie to/poison vital historical figures In order to further the ends of Time Control. With enough experience, you may even get the chance to write off a Tardis. Or America. [Players sought] Tuesday

Dominic Green: 420460 Fantasy Hero

De Kingdom of haforgning

24me yr of ye reign of ye Emperor Rollo III

Deere Moder,

i an mi Broder’s & Suster aren fyn & on root to ye Cityedel of Wyrmgyr were ye very Guters run with Ale & ye Stretes arn payvid with Costly roofing beat. I hav goten mi bood fiend Sira cancred the tax colecter to rite this as i am unintiligent. yoo r ugly and yoo smel.

yore ever lovly son,

Alfred1 Tuesday

Quentin Carroll: 314805 Twilight 2000

Over 50 years of European peace ended on 27 July 1996 with the outbreak of WWIII. A year later, the nukes started flying. By 2000 AD, civilization has vanished into nuclear fire, and the resulting famines, plagues and radiation have accounted for 50% of the wor1d’s population. Yet the war drags on. Warlords, militias and marauders rule a devastated countryside; civilian government rarely exists outside people’s memories of a happier time. This is a game of survival in a post-Holocaust world where equipment is scarce and alcohol powers the few remaining vehicles. The hazards are many and the reward may simply be a safe place t sleep. [Players sought]


Sorry that there ore so few campaigns left with room for players. but the above should give you on idea of the scope of what’s going on. If you ore inspired to run your own campaign. I’ll be running another of these next term (take note, those of you current GMs Who never sent in your paragraphs).. Some of these have been edited for space/clarity/spelling mistakes.R.T.

Pub Meeting

(trans. - Pub Meetings. Too important to joke about)

We have two more get-togethers for you sober folk.

Wednesday 13th November

Thursday 28th November

Both to be held in Catz bar, from 7:30pm onwards.

(This prominent enough, Matt?)

Video Evening

(trans. - Bring some popcorn)

We shall be holding a Video Evening on Saturday 23rd November, from 6pm · 12 midnight, in the Castlereagh Room, SL John.s. \Ve will be showing the follO"’-·ing films:- Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (High school ocnis go time-lra,,.clling) Labyrinth (Da,,.>d B<-ic and some muppcts gel oon-Eudidcan) The Lm: of the White Worm (Aawacb. Doa.ahoc in thigh-boots prc:tcuds to be a snate) Or if we can’t get these, we’ll be watching… something else.

Phoenix Filespace

(trans. - Phoenix Filespace. I can’t read this either)

Acconliog to Chris. the CUDADS filespace on Phoenix is now open again, and he’ll write an idiot friendly introduction to it (his words).


(trans. - Dig out those rubber-swords)

A live role-playing expedition to Labyrinth is planned for Sunday December. The cost is £16 for a double-length adventure. See Harvey. cash in hand, by the weekly meeting on Tuesday 19th November al the very very latest. People who have already expressed an interest, could you please confirm your names with Harvey, preferably in person.

Society Library

(trans. - Society Library. All right, I’ll change the bloody typeface)

If anyone who wants to borrow an from the Society Library, it is currently m the possession of our illustrious president.

A list of materials contained in the Library exists in the CUDADS filespace on Phoenix, and can be made more widelv available on request However, we have to update it first, so…

Special Announcement from Pete

ANYONE who has ANYTHING out from the Library at the moment, please get in touch with him A.S.A.P and let him know what exactly it is you have. Thank you for your co-coperation.

The Committee are

(trans. - we couldn’t find anybody to stand agaisnt these people)

President:Pete Moore(The Train)Rm. 12, 27 Green St. (Gonville & Caius)
Vice-President:Chris Carr(Zebedee)N4, Downing, <CC112>
Jr-Treas:Iain Walker(The Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel)
Secretary:Rebecca Teed(Rosemary)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel), <RT108>
Assistant Secretary:Matt Nesbit(Dylan)A9, Kings
External Officer:Harvey Maycock(Brian)A21, Fitzwilliam, <HRM10>


Lord knows what this was supposed to read as, I should spend more time consulting the guide to gothic fonts.