NEWSLETTER the Fourth 1991/92 - Welcome Back

Cambridge University
Dungeons & Dragons Society

NEWSLETTER the Fourth 1991/92

Welcome Back

And so, a new term begins, and for all of us it’s back to late nights slaving over insoluble problems with looming deadlines, puzzling over incomprehensible handouts, battling with malign and anonymous authorities, wrestling with personal difficulties that no-one else can possibly understand, getting falling-over drunk at every convenience, and all for the most paltry of rewards.

Yes, role-playing can be hell, sometimes…

Weekly Meetings

This term, the weekly meetings are to be held in the Robert Gardener Room at Emma (through the door on the left just before the entrance to the Upper Hall. First meeting is Tuesday 21st January, from 7 - 1O :30 PM, subsequent meetings on subsequent Tuesdays, as per usual.


We would like to arrange another session of one- off adventures for later this term. This will be at one of the weekly meetings later in February, the exact date to be announced in the next newsletter. In the meantime, anyone who would like to GM a one-off session, please get in touch with a committee member soon, letting him/her know the system you will be running and number of players you can accommodate. Anyone interested in playing, please come along and sign up for whatever system takes your fancy at the pub meeting on Thursday the 6th of February (again, see below) -prospective GMs, please get in touch before then.

Pub Meeting

The Society will be drowning its sorrows at 7:30 PM in Catz Bar on the following dates:

Monday, 20th January, and

Thursday, 6th February

Video Evening

Another video evening is to be held on Saturday 8th February, from 6 PM to 12 midnight in the Castlereagh Room, St. Johns. This time we have lined up for you:-

Lady hawke

(fantasy of the swords and shape-shifting school)

Naked Gun 2 1/2

(haven’t seen it, can’t comment)

Predator 2

(much gorier than the 1st one)

Or if we can’t get these we’ll be watching, well… something of the secretary’s choice (cackle).

Varsity Match

Sometime this term, we shall be playing host to Oxford as they seek against overwhelming odds to regain the Broken Sword of Sharda. We have managed to win this priceless trophy for three years running now, and it would be nice to make it four. Consequently, we would like six outstanding volunteers to make up our team. Anyone interested, please get in touch with a member of the committee, soonish. The system to be used is Rolemaster. Date and venue to follow, once we’ve sorted out the details with Oxford. C’mon people, it’s worth a quarter­ blue…

RAG Dungeon

In addition to jumping out of airplanes, driving beds around Cambridge, and sleeping in igloos, you can also role-play for charity! Anyone who is interested in GMing a 24-hour-long marathon (consider getting a friend or two to help) should dust off/concoct a scenario to be played on a certain weekend around the end of term (to be announced in a forthcoming newsletter, of course). Be sure to tell a committee member you are interested, so we can find you players (and run a tacky advert in the forthcoming newsletter). Would-be players can tl1ink about finding sponsors and laying in a stock of caffeine.


Also on a certain weekend near the end of term Uust how many of those are there, Pete?), there will be a trip to caverns south of London where you can engage in live role-playing. Talk to Harvey Maycock for details (but he won’t help you with your costume). The more people that go, the less it will cost.

Members in the Real World

I.e., those of you who have left university and get your newsletters through the post. You may recall in the second newsletter that we requested the paltry sum of £2 to help cover the ever-increasing expenditure on stamps and envelopes that our keeping in touch with you requires. So far only two of you have responded (thanks, Steve, thanks, Jim). The rest of you, please note that we cannot afford to keep sending you newsletters indefinitely, so please get in touch with us if you want any more newsletters after this one. We love you guys really, but £2 isn’t all that much to ask. Is it?


The Eagle (Yoshiro Nishikawa)

Recently, in March 1990, The Eagle’s past, in the shape of his father, the super­ assassin known as The Ninja, caught up with him. In Japan, two years previously,

before he became Ths IEaigls, Yoshiro had discovered his father’s secret and revealed it to the Authorities. Needless to say, his father was not amused by this, and Yoshiro wisely fled Japan, changing his name to Joshua Chance, re-locating in New York and joining Th Gu&rdi&ns superteam. However, all his efforts came to naught and The Ninja re-appeared. He challenged Ths Eagle to atone for his betrayal of the family and father and son fought in the midst of a huge thunderstorm.

The Eagle never landed a blow as the The Ninja slowly whittled him away, but he never stopped fighting. Then The Ninja struck for real, and, in a mighty blow, The Eagle was decapitated.

Though he knew he couldn’t win, Yoshiro fought bravely and honourably and was a credit to the good name of The Guardians.

He is survived by a wife, Carol, a son, the other members of The Guardians, most of the rest of the planet, and his father…

The Committee are

President:Pete Moore(The Train)Rm. 12, 27 Green St. (Gonville & Caius)
Vice-President:Chris Carr(Zebedee)N4, Downing, <CC112>
Jr-Treas:Iain Walker(The Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel)
Secretary:Rebecca Teed(Rosemary)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel), <RT108>
Assistant Secretary:Matt Nesbit(Dylan)A9, Kings
External Officer:Harvey Maycock(Brian)A21, Fitzwilliam, <HRM10>