NEWSLETTER the Fifth 1991/92

Cambridge University
Dungeons & Dragons

NEWSLETTER the Fifth 1991/1992

Annual Dinner

What are you going to be doing on the evening of Tuesday, 3rd March? That’s right, you’re getting dressed up and coming along to this year’s Annual Dinner. The venue will be the Upper Hall in Peterhouse. Tickets are £22, and will be available from Matt Nesbit at any society meeting between now and the one-off session on the 25th. This price assumes that Peterhouse are going to charge us V.A.T. - they didn’t last year, and if they don’t this year, we shall refund the difference (so keep that receipt handy). A vegetarian option is available, as is a choice between mead and wine - let us know your preferences when you buy the ticket.

Dress code:- Costumes or Black (tie optional), but no real weapons will be allowed. No 🔫 , no 🔪 and absolutely no 🦆.

Smoked Mackerel with Brown Bread and Lemon 🐟

🦕 Entrecote Steak Garni

Creme Brulee

☕Coffee and Fruit🍓🍇🍍

🍾Lots of Mead and Wine🍷


At the weekly meeting on Tuesday the 25th February, we’ll be holding this term’s session of one-offs. Would-be players, come along and sign up for the system of your choice at the meeting on the 18th. GMs, get

in touch with a committee person before then, so that we know what you want to run, and how many players you want.

Pub meetings

The society will be stealing Rob Downham’s shoelaces again at 7:30 PM in Catz Bar, on the following evenings:- Wednesday, 19th February Monday, 9th March

Varsity Match

The Varsity Match will be held on Friday 22nd or Saturday 23rd February, subject to confirmation with Oxford. We have five volunteers for our team, so far, which means that we need one more. Anyone interested, please get in touch with a committee member. Current volunteers, stay in touch. so that we can keep you abreast of developments.

RAG Dungeon

To be held from 6 PM on Friday 28th to 6 PM on Saturday 29th February. Two 24-hour games currently on offer:-

Traveller/Cyberpunk, to be run by Matt Nesbit and Martin Fay in Matt’s room (A9, King’s) 🪐

Marvel Super Heroes, to be run by Pete Moore and Harvey Maycock in Pete’s room (Rm. 12, 27 Green Street). 𓆏

Contact the GMs if you want to play, and they will provide you with a nice, official CUDADS Sponsorship Form. If you want to run something yourself, tell a committee member now.

P.S.:- Players - don’t forget to bring your own food, coffee, etc. on the day.


A live-roleplaying outing is planned for Sunday 8th March. See Harvey by or before the meeting on the 18th Feb. This is an Absolute deadline - Harvey needs your name by then, and no later.

Video Evening

On Saturday 7th March, from 6 PM to 12 midnight, we shall be analysing the political subtexts of the following films:-

Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves

(“Because it’s dull, you twit. It’ll hurt more”)

Alian Nation

( A cop buddy social conscience shoot-’em­ up splatter movie)

Something Else

(Suggestions please - the Secretary favours “Bad Taste”)

As usual, the venue will be the Castlereagh Room, St. John’s.

Members in the Real World

One last chance - please give us £2 to cover postage costs, or alternatively, let us know how to get newsletters to you without having to post them.

Missing Persons

Have you seen this Jhaeleene?

A Jhaeleene, 6’ tall, 150 lbs., red hair, answers to “Salem”. Last seen on horseback, leaving the Durath Barbrigg Hotel and heading west across the Span Bridge. If you see this person, please don’t tell anyone, especially us.


The Qabbal Party

The Committee are

President:Pete Moore(The Train)Rm. 12, 27 Green St. (Gonville & Caius)
Vice-President:Chris Carr(Zebedee)N4, Downing, <CC112>
Jr-Treas:Iain Walker(The Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel)
Secretary:Rebecca Teed(Rosemary)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel), <RT108>
Assistant Secretary:Matt Nesbit(Dylan)A9, Kings
External Officer:Harvey Maycock(Brian)A21, Fitzwilliam, <HRM10>