NEWSLETTER the Sixth 1991/92 - More Campaign Reports

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NEWSLETTER the Sixth 1991/1992

Weekly Meetings

Tuesday meetings continue for the next three weeks only - after that, those of you running or playing in ongoing campaigns will have to make your own arrangements. As usual, meetings will be held at Emmanuel College, from 7 - 10:30 PM. Note that the actual room will be changing from week to week:

28th April - Robert Gardner Room

5th May - Old JCR

12th May - Robert Gardner Room


The weekly meeting on Tuesday 12th May will be devoted to another session of one-off scenarios. Prospective GMs, come along to the meeting on the 5th of May, with details of the system you want to run, the number of players you can accomodate, etc. Prospective players, come along to the same meeting and sign up for whatever system takes your fancy.

Pub Meetings

Two more sorrow-drowning get­ togethers before the exams: Monday, 4th May Tuesday, 19th May As usual, to be held in Catz’ Bar at 7:30PM.

Video EVening

Live role-playing using the Couch Potatoe™ system. This time, we have lined up: 11laSh Gordon (Even though/because lain hates it) LifeForce (To make lain feel better) Cyrano cu Bu9Uac (because it’s good stuff!)

Date: Saturday, 2nd May, 6:00 PM. Place: Castlereagh Room, St.John’s.


The Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held some time after the exams, the exact date to be announced in the next newsletter. However, people may like to start thinking about whether or not they want to stand for • Committee. The position open to election are:

Assistant Secretary
Junior Treasurer
External Officer

Nominations must be in writing and seconded by another member of the Society (you can nominate yourselt), and should be given to Pete for safe-keeping.

Unreasonable Demand

Matt would like to get his hands on fill the money from the Rag Dungeon lli2JY.. Make cheques payable to “Cambridge University RAG”, and deliver them to Matt (Box 665 at King’s) as oon a possible.

Another Unreasonable Demand

Anyone who has an material borrowed from the library, could you possibly get round to returning it sometime soon before Pete cashes your cheque and runs off to Tijuana with the money?

Punt Party

False alarm - you’re not getting any details until the next newsletter. One hint though - itU probably be on Sund y 14thJune.


The Viking single handedly took down Pete’s entire Champions party last Tuesday. As if he wasn’t popular enough with them already…

More Campaign Reports

These campaigns are full up, but

loomed out of the mists of Ragnarok we just wanted to warn you what to loot and destroy, bands of men of sick minds are up to out there: Denmark would take to the high seas

Baleful Tidings - Alex Jones, GURPS

This campaign has been described as “somewhat unusual.” This is probably something of an to understatement. The party: an “Indiana Jones” from a Shadowrun a maths professor who Vikings to prove their bravery, to has recently discovered rune-magic; a - - ,lease the Old Gods, to reach their trigger-happy private eye with strong views on local government, and a blacksmith from the Highlands… They’re trying to save Earth from the paranoid, megelomaniac, blood-drinking Bales. Unfortunately, they’re on Yrth, with no idea where to find their enemy, although they’re closer than they were when fighting Terradyne security or learning how to fly on Flight 13…

Vikings-Helen Steele, Runequest

In the Dark Ages, before Christianity had spread to the north of Europe, when the Viking longships loomed out of the mists of Ragnarok to look and destroy, bands of men of Denmark would take to the high sees and the rivers in search not only of fortune but honor. Controlled by fate, they venture out, to kill or be killed, to trade, to discover new lands, fight honourably and die a Viking – sword in hand. Is it fated for our type world; to reach their goals, to make it home?

Wanted: News from the unreal world

In the last newsletter, we’d like to print more campaign reports, of what you and your silly players did this year. Please send these to Becky Teed at Emma or to RT108 on Phoenix. Fnord.

The Committee are

President:Pete Moore(The Train)Rm. 12, 27 Green St. (Gonville & Caius)
Vice-President:Chris Carr(Zebedee)N4, Downing, <CC112>
Jr-Treas:Iain Walker(The Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel)
Secretary:Rebecca Teed(Rosemary)42 Warkworth St. (Emmanuel), <RT108>
Assistant Secretary:Matt Nesbit(Dylan)A9, Kings
External Officer:Harvey Maycock(Brian)A21, Fitzwilliam, <HRM10>