Newsletter the First 1992/93 - Act I, Scene I

Ye Tragicall Comedie Of Advanced CyberCthulhu & Gurpshammer 2000

- Act I, Scene I -

GM: Behold! This weekly rlighl halh come lo us again,

When thought or\eanrnd things and study aJl must cease:

The talk of saving throws and polyhedral dice

Shall be; of SAN loss vile, of Hit Points and the Plot.


Jasrnina Plot-lg,rorer i:; sh<;call<d, J\n<l no, I D<l<lkd not my rolls upon the di,:c. ’!his characler sounds like unto yo11r last, and so With trepidation do T now peruse her slats: A fearsome wern:b, yet not too gross. all bough 1hc +5 ch,:unsaw must you sti!I rors:.kc.

(EnJt:r seve1rul ?luyr:rs bcuririg biscuits) 1st Player: :ow do l spend ray l.l’g)criencc .Poi.nt,, For last session was by my doughty valour marked. And thus methinks i.□-word-play shal.!I rise - Oh shit! What .knave bath spilt coffee on my character shoot? 2nd Player: Since last we met a new PC bath I rolled up, Jn mega damage ::irmour all yclad.

?.nd l’letyP-r: Nuts! <>M: Debate not with tby sovereign liege. 1-‘or ¥J·ono h:ith :tlrcady m urcd out the hour. Hre,lk oul’ the chocolate Hobnobs ere the game begin, And gather round n-ly Grv1’s screen and crumpled maps, While like blind Homer do I set the scene.

Hello and welcome to the Cambridge UNiversity Role-Playing Society (you are going to join, aren’t you?) We exist to promote Role-Playing in all its multifarious forms, whether AD&D, Cyberpunk, Cthulhu, Champions, Warhammar, GURPS, Traveller or Qabbal… You name it, we play it, and even if we don’t, we can probably help you organise it if you want to run it (and need players) or play it (and need a GM). It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing for years, or if you’re only just thinking of taking up role-playing here and now, either way you won’t be the only one, and there is usually a game going on somewhere to suit any taste. Since your interest has sustained you this far into the Newsletter, you are cordially invited to


3:00pm, Saturday 10th October, Pythagoras Room, St. John’s College

(right at the back of the college - ask the porters if you get lost)


Current members are welcome as well, naturally. We will he distributing refreshments and accepting membership money. Membership costs £3.50 for one year, £6 for life, £2.50 to upgrade from one t’other. For your edification and delight, a game or two will be arranged - feel free either to watch or join in. The Squash will be followed (after a break in which to cat) by the first Pub Meeting of the year. We shall be gathering in the Mitre (on Bridge St.) at 8:00pm that evening. And there’s more - turn the page and read on…

Weekly Meetings

Tbe Society organises weekly role-playing sessions, during which a number of different campaigns will be run. Members will also have the opportunity to try out new or different game systems. nol only in these regular campaigns, but also in occasional meetings devoted to one-off scenarios, held roughly once a term.

Provisional arrangements have been made to meet in the Robert Gardner Room, Emmanuel, On Tuesdays during Full Term, from 7:00pm to 10:30pm. The first meeting will be on Tuesday 13th October. Prospective GMs wishing to arrange campaigns should arrive early.

Other Regular Events

And There’s More

The Name Change

At last year’s A.G.M. we changed the name of the Society, but new membership cards are be1ng distributed even as we speak, except to 1 year members from last year (you could always upgrade to Life though). Please contact the Secretary if for any reason you don’t gct one.


There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on Tuesday 20th October at the start of the weekly meeting at Emma, in order to elect a new External Officer. The External Officer organises Labyrinthe trips, the Varsity Match, and generally keeps tbc Society in touch with the Real World™. Any member of the Society can stand. Nominations must be in writing, must be seconded, and must be given to the President by midnight of Sunday 18th.

Note to members in rhe Real World - if you live outside Cambridge and we have to mail Newsletters to you, can we please have £2 to cover the postage? Otherwise, we can’t afford to send you any more Newsletters alter this one.

This Year’s Committee are

President:Chris Carr(Zcbedee)13 Warkworth St. (Downing), <CC112>
Vice President:Stephen, New Court, StJohn’s
Secretary:Iain Walker(Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)10 Hale St. (Emmanuel)
Assistant Secretary:Chris Watts(Dougal)Z20, Christ’s, <CRW11>
Junior Treasurer:Anthony Grocock(Brian)Rm.2, 9 Chesterton Lane (Clare), <AfG24>
External Officer:David Wright(Dylan)Y11. Kings (Box 776)