Newsletter the Second 1992/93

Ye Tragicall Comedie Of Advanced CyberCthulhu & Gurpshammer 2000

- Act I, Scene II -

GM: Unto this village tavern hath you come, A yet for no good mason but mine whim. ’lh1; ‘13ik: aod Vomit“ is i L L1 uly uai1wu, And sullen Nl1Cs glare out 1st Player: Barman! A tankard of thy finest ale Should now this thirst of many days bcslak:e. But victuals and rooms must wait: pray tell What rumours, sir, do creep about this place? Barmaid: I beg your pardon’! 1st Player: Oops. Charisma roll? (Enter the hamzaid’s eight 10th level brothers) l st Player: A good Charisma roll? GM: As you do quaff, Perception rolls the party all must make. 2nd J1layer: bought no skill of such a namf1, llut nowI sechow I might save the points:

Peopl wJto Jtave 11« to Jom! We can’t afford to send you Newsletters indefinitely unless you actually decide to join. Please either contact a Committee member, or come along to any Society event. Membership costs £6 for life, £3.50 for 1 year. This also applies to people who joined for 1 year last year - you can still upgrade to Life for only £2. w dt111 M «mss Apologies for the confusion over the rooms at Emma. We will be in the Upper Hall (at Emmanuel) on Tuesday 3rd November, and (hopefully) will be there for the rest of term.

Campaisn Dir cto111

A directory of all the Campaigns going on this year is available for perusal at the Weekly Meetings on Tuesdays, and also on the Society’s Phoenix Filespace (see later). We would like to

So Slcalth goes down, and Streetwise ere withal, lo! now clo1;s sLe spy what othcors llliss. GM: 0 bloody ch.aoccr! StiU, you do espy This Nl’C in hooded cloak allired. For ’tis your characters he seeks, and so Around your empties doe!!he now approach, 3rd l’laye.r: We are attacke.d ! Have at thee, foul villain! (The NPC dies messily) 3rdl’layer:! Acriticalhit! GM: 0 bugger. Until next week when we do meet again, With furrowed brow must I now shape my thoughts. For here doth lie no random NPC: This murder dire was of mine crafted plot. (The party loot the body)

ke.ep this directory as complete and up-to-date as possible, so iI there are any GMs out there who haven’t sent in their campaign details yet, get them to Chris Watts as soon as possible. Similarly, if any of these details change (time, venue, players dropping out etc.), please let Chris know so that he can amend your campaign entry. And if you get one of your players to write a few words about the campaign from their point of view, we can include this as well Players still looking for a campaign - come and look at the directory to see what’s available. If lhere are no spaces left in the campaign you’d like to play in, put your name down on the waiting li-;t - if anyone drops out, you’ll be able to take their place. If you’re still stuck, talk to one of the Committee, and we’ll see what we can do.

Christmas Part11

Tiie Time:- Saturday 5th I.:>ecembcr, 7 pm. The venut: is still to be arrang an<l will be

announced in 1hc next cwslcttcr. We will he serving mulled wine and mince pies, and there will he a variety ofwiJd and improbable games to play. If anyone want to GM a 2-3 hour oue-off session for tbc Party, please p..ct in touch with a Committee member soon - we’d like to bavc 3 or 4 games going on. Ticket-; will he £3. and will be available from Anthony Crocock at auy Society meeting (once they’re printed, that is).

Pub Mcctittgs

The Society will he gathering dowuwi.nd of the Secretary’s cigarette smoke at 7:30pm m Catzbaron Monda_v 9th N ovemher Monday 23rd November For those of you playing in campaigns on Mondays, we’ll alternate the Pub Meetings a bit more next term, if you like.

Vit,co £vcttm5

To be held on Saturday 21st November, from 6pm to 12 midnight in Z Basement, Christ’s. We will be showing

with Iain Walker, again by Tuesday 24th. Precise time and venue to he arranged.


Our fcll,>w gamers in OU RPS have invited us to their own Xmas Party on Saturday 28th Novc111l,cr (so it’s a ehoiw l,etwecn this a11d Tony\ “Vampire”). We don’t have ,1ny more details yet, buL gei in touch with David Wright if you’re interested.

Thc Li\n-ant

Tbc J,ihrnry has finally been transported to Chris Watts’ room in Christ’s (thanks. Doug). a11d is 110w open for lrnsi1;cs1-. A complete li,;t of its c.ontcnts will he availahle along with the Campaign Direclory at the Weekly Meetings, and on the Society’s Phoenix r-ilespacc. The Library will definitely be Ol’J£N on Mondays an<l Fridays, from 8- IOpm, and will definitely be CLOSED on Mondays and Fridays before 7pm All day Sunday Saturday, Tu.esday and Wednesday mornings


(bang crash ratatat I’ hack) (because it’s traditional) (the Secretary’s choke, ha ha)

Thursday mornings and from t! - 7pm.

Phoe»ix f’ilcspace

The Soc1ety’s filespace on Phoenix should be

Live Rolc-Pla11m5 We will be organising a double-length Jive role-playing session at Labyrinth on Sunday 6th December. Get in touch with David Wright if you are interest:t d in going, by Trwsday 24th November at the latest. The cosi per head will probably be around £16. Tony Mitton has agreed to run another live role-playing “Vampire” session on Saturday 28th November. If you’d like to be a Creature of the Night for a day (so to speak), then get in touch

on line any day now. It rejoices under the name of “CUR.PS”, and will contain a version of the Campaien Dirc ctory and a list of the <.xmtents of lhc Library. We’re also going to see if we can attach a mailbox to it, so that you can leave rude messages for other .members of the Society.


Is there anything else you think the Society ought to be doing? Suggestions please, to your friendly local Committee Member, or via the Society’s Filcspacc (if we get the mailbox).

This Year’s Committee are

President:Chris Carr(Zcbedee)13 Warkworth St. (Downing), <CC112>
Vice President:Stephen, New Court, StJohn’s
Secretary:Iain Walker(Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)10 Hale St. (Emmanuel)
Assistant Secretary:Chris Watts(Dougal)Z20, Christ’s, <CRW11>
Junior Treasurer:Anthony Grocock(Brian)Rm.2, 9 Chesterton Lane (Clare), <AfG24>
External Officer:David Wright(Dylan)Y11. Kings (Box 776)