Newsletter the Fifth 1992/93

Ye Tragicall Comedie Of Advanced CyberCthulhu & Gurpshammer 2000

- Act II, Scene II -

1st Player: ’Ibis irksome plot of which I now must speak Rath latterly congealed a rancid knot - Brave Alexander ay would stay his blade From such dire twists as now do make us weep. 3rd Player: No plot hath I discerned these sessions past; No orcish blood hath soiled mine girdled steel. What manner strange of game do we now play, Where mindless violence hath no princely part? 1st Player: Of this campaign I gibber not - instead From labyrinthine Amber hales my tale What happened last I must reveal anon… 4th Player: Methinks you hath already told us twice. 2nd Player: Good players all, do now behold this sheet On which mine back-up character is made:

w dd\f M ctmss These are the venues for the remaining meetings of this term:- Tuesday 16th February - Upper Hall, Emma Tuesday 23rd February - Party Room, Downing Tuesday 2nd March - none - see Pub Meetings Tuesday 9th March - TBA - see next Newsletter

Otte-Offf There will be another session of one-offs on the last Meeting of term, Tuesday 9th March. GMs - let us know what system you want to run and how many players you want, on or before the Pub Meeting on the 2nd of March. Players - come along to the Pub Meeting and sign up.

AttttMal Ditttter To be held on Saturday 6th March in the Beves Room at King’s College, at 7:30pm. Dress code is Fancy Dress. but you can turn up in Black Tie or equivalent if you really have to. Note that No Real Weapons Will Be Allowed.

A winsome lass, by name Jazmyna called, Just 12d6 her RKA withal. 4th Player: More to the point, wherefore art the GM? (Enter a Messenger) Messenger: My master bids you read this scroll I bear. (Exit Messenger as quickly aJ possible) 1st Player: By word of foot and GM’s hand inscribed, A Player Handout! But what news is this? Well bugger that! He greets us not, but goes Instead unto the Pub Meet in Catz Bar! (The Players amuse themselves with the Nuclear Escalation supplement for Kersp/att! until the early hmm of the morning)

Tickets will be £24 and will be available from Anthony Grocock at any Society meeting. Please state if you would prefer wine or mead, or

if you require the vegetarian option. Deadline for purchasing tickets is Tuesday 23rd February. Pub M ctmss Three more gct-togcthers to note down in your Social Diary, aU in Catz bar, aU at 7:30pm:­ Monday 15th February Tuesday 2nd March (no Weekly Meeting) Wednesday 10th March

Ras Dutt5eott Just a reminder tbat we’ve scheduled this for Friday 19th - Saturday 20th February, from 6pm to 6pm. So far, two games bavc been arranged:- AD&D (1st Ed.) - to be run by Vince Gowler and Doug Reay; 6 Players needed; venue T.B.A Marvel Super Heroes - to be run by Duncan Forsyth; 5 - 6 players needed; venue N2, Trinity I-IaU. If you want to GM something, talk to a Committee member NOW. Signing up for Players will be at the meeting on Tuesday 16th February. Sponsorship forms will be available then - see Iain Walker if you want any sooner.

A Trip to Oxfort,. ittcorporatitt5 Th Varstt11 Match

JUST 11IE VARSITY MA TCTT TEAM. Try and think of it as a mini-RPG convention. Or something. The Plan is to go down to Oxford on the evening of Friday 26th Fchruary, spend Saturday playing various silly games (including some LRP), and then to play tbe Varsity Match on the Sunday afternoon, coming back to Cambridge that evening. Transport costs will be spread evenly between everyone who comes along, but will al<;o be subsidised by the Society. If enough of you want to come along, we’U try and hire a mi.nj-bus, otherwise we will try and get cnougb cars together to take everybody, although as a last resort, some of us may have to use public transport. So if anyone out there is interested, and has a car, we want to hear from you - you could save us all a lot of money. And if any of you are interested, but can’t make the entire weekend, there will be a car going down to Oxford on the Sunday morning, for the Varsity Match itself.

Lab:\irittthe Just a reminder that our next LRP expcrution is on Sunday 7th March. David Wright would like to know definite numbers for the trip by Tuesday 23rd February, so get in touch with him by then.

or at least 6 of you. This is the last call for volunteers before we send round the press-gang, so come and see us NOW. Note that we need a GM as well as players. Our colleagues in OURPS have planned an entire weekend of entertainments for us, AND TllE l.NVT1’ATION EXTENDS TO ALL MEMBERS OF 11-IE SOCIE1Y, NOT

This Year’s Committee are

President:Chris Carr(Zcbedee)13 Warkworth St. (Downing), <CC112>
Vice President:Stephen, New Court, StJohn’s
Secretary:Iain Walker(Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)10 Hale St. (Emmanuel)
Assistant Secretary:Chris Watts(Dougal)Z20, Christ’s, <CRW11>
Junior Treasurer:Anthony Grocock(Brian)Rm.2, 9 Chesterton Lane (Clare), <AfG24>
External Officer:David Wright(Dylan)Y11. Kings (Box 776)