Newsletter the Seventh 1992/93

Cam b,+it,5c Vttivc1·sit11 Rolc-Pla11itt5 Socict11 Newsletter t.he Sixth 1992- 93 Erratum The date of the Society’s Annual General Meeting is Tuesday 27th April

NOT Tuesday 9th March. as erroneously stated in the Newsletter.


Ye Tragicall Comedie Of Advanced CyberCthulhu & Gurpshammer 2000

- Epilogue -

(The Players lie dead. Enter the GM)

GM: Good people all, do shuffle round and cast

Thy bleary gaze upon this woeful sight!

The deed is done: upon the hexed group

The party ere doth lie in mortal mess:

Turned inside out, in little bitties hacked,

All mangled, slashed and burnt full sore, as if

Their sorry doom was sealed with plastic lid

In microwave and evil cuisine-art.

O wretched souls, for thine own sakes l did

Ignore the rules and ay the cruel dice.

Alas, mine fearful fudging was in vain,

For’twas thy selves did claim thy rancid fate.

The evil NPCs full hideous

And gross they were, with Chaos Spiky Bits:

Thou should have known thou didst in error go

To ask of them what time the pubs did shut.

2nd Player: I bid thee cease thy spiel of dire lament,

For hope doth Lie within my sweaty grasp

My back-up character doth spring to life,

And now she comes to battle with the foe.

(The GM rolls some dice)

GM: Thc villains vile do spy Jazmyna’s tracks

And thus her head explodes with ugly splat.

2nd Player: Upon my box of dice I swear full true

This A.G.M. no vote for you I cast.

4th Player: This crossbow bolt did ay but pierce my head:

Not dead am I; I rise again to fight!

But wait! What doest thou with that large axe?

GM: Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up!

(The GM administers the coup-de-grace)

GM: That’s better. Now, what sayest I. Oh yes.

Let dismal bells be tolled and mourners weep,

In solemn fanfare let their noses blow

While cannon fire doth mark the dreary dirge.

( Enter bearer)

GM: Take up the dead that ay bath fallen here,

These maps unseen, these plot notes never used

And these, the slats of NPCs unmet,

And Player Handouts read by none but I.

Take up mine whole campaign, that noble thing

So cold and still, and from this cursed place

Do bear the corse with signal honours full

Unto a shelf where mournful ducks do squeak.

And henceforth in sepulchral boxed file

With all mine other plots that died a death

May this campaign the sleep unending sleep,

And in that darksome night do find its peace.

O bugger it! With such despondent ease

I give up not. Shall half-assed PCs make

Mine toil I and trials grim to be in vain’?

Next year I run the bloody thing again.



Weekly Meetings

Just a reminder that the last Weekly Meeting of this term is on Tuesday 4th May, 7pm - Upper Hall. Emma

A.G.M. And Elections

And another reminder that the AGM is on Tuesday 27th April at 7pm, in Z Basement, Christ’s. Motions will be discussed, and next year’s Committee will be elected. Of course. we can’t actually elect a Committee unless some of you stand for it, so get yourself nominated and seconded (in writing please), and gel that nomination to a Committee member by mid.night on Sunday 25th April. Your nominator and seconder must both he (different) members of the Society - you can nominate yourself. or second yourself. hut not both. The posts up for grabs arc:-

President Vice-President Secretary Junior Treasurer Assistant Secretary External Officer

Don’t forget you can stand for up to two of these posts - a preferred position, and a fall-back position for which you may still stand if you aren’t elected to your preferred post.

And anyone who wants to put forward any motions for discussion (amendments to the Constitution, bright ideas about things we should be doing hut aren’t, impeachment proceedings against the current Committee. that sort of thing), said motions should be proposed and seconded in writing, and passed on to a Committee member. The deadline is the same as that for nominations - midnight on Sunday 25th April.

Once the A.G.M. is over. we shall adjourn to a convenient bar - sec Pub Meetings.

The Punt Party

This year’s expedition to locate the source of the Cam will take place on Sunday 13th June, from 1 pm to 6pm. The idea is to meet up at the Mill (just beside Scud more’s), from 11am onwards, amass a suitable number of punts, head upriver to Granchester, stuff our faces, and then punt back in an appropriately replete and leisurely fashion. Dress code - duckweed. Tickets will cost £5 for Society members, £6 for non-members, and will be available from Anthony Grocock at any Society meeting (or send money to the address below), up until the Pub Meeting on the 8th June. Note that this is only to cover the cost of the vast quantities of food that shall be provided, plus the hiring the punts - so bring your own drink.

YOUR SOCIETY NEEDS PUNTS!!!Let us know if you can get us a cheap punt or two on the day (or if you know where we can get one). If you can find one, book it. We’ll pay for it, and there might even be a free ticket in it for you as well.

Pub Meetings

The very first Pub Meeting of term will be immediately after the AG.M., and we’ll decide at the time just where it’s going to be (yes, this means you’ll have to turn up to the AG.M. first - cunning, eh?) The other Pub Meetings we have planned for this term will be in Catz bar, from 7:30pm onwards, on Tuesday 11th May Tuesday 8th June

Annual Dinner Photos

If anyone who wants a photographic record of this infamous event (whether as a momento or for blackmail purposes), you will be able to order your copy from Anthony Grocoek at any Society meeting. The deadline for placing your order will he the Pub Meeting on the llth May.

Rag Dungeon Money

People who were sponsored in the Rag Dungeon - please pass your ill-gotten gains on to Anthony Grocock ASA.P.

Video Evening

We will be having another Video Evening some time towards the end of term, if we can find a room for it. We were thinking of showing Alien3, Robocop and Warlock. Anyone got any better suggestions? More importantly, does anyone know where we can get a room with a video?

This Year’s Committee are

President:Chris Carr(Zcbedee)13 Warkworth St. (Downing), <CC112>
Vice President:Stephen, New Court, StJohn’s
Secretary:Iain Walker(Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)10 Hale St. (Emmanuel)
Assistant Secretary:Chris Watts(Dougal)Z20, Christ’s, <CRW11>
Junior Treasurer:Anthony Grocock(Brian)Rm.2, 9 Chesterton Lane (Clare), <AfG24>
External Officer:David Wright(Dylan)Y11. Kings (Box 776)