Newsletter the Eighth 1992/93


At the AGM the following people were elected to serve as next year’s Committee:-

President - Chris Watts (Christ’s)

Vice-Pres. - Duncan Forsyth (Trinity Hall}

Secretary - Mark Brown (Peterhouse}

Junior Treasurer - Tom Williams (Girton}

Asst. Secretary - Ian Lewis (Emmanuel)

External Officer - Ed Carter (Surreal World)

Since these public-spirited folk were the only ones who stood, the rest of you have only got yourselves to blame…

We also amended the Constitution to the effect that in the event of the dissolution of the Society (not that that’s ever going to happen) we spend all our residual money on games and then place everything in storage in the U.L to await the future refounding of the Society.

And a resolution was passed obliging the Committee to do all in their power to encourage people at the Weekly Meetings to come along to the pub afterwards.

Punt Party

Just a reminder that the Punt Party is on Sunday 13th June, from 1 p.m. to 6p.m. (although we plan to meet up first at The Mill, just beside Scudamore’s from 1la.m. onwards}. Tickets (£5 for Society members, £6 for non-members) are available from Anthony Grocock at any Society meeting (or send money to the address below}, up until the Pub Meeting on the 8th June. Please bring your own alcohol. and don’t forget to let us know if you can get us a cheap punt.

Pub Meeting

Our last Pub Meeting of term shall be in Catz bar, from 7:30 p.m. onwards, on

Tuesday 8th June

Video Evening

We will be having a final Video Evening on Saturday 12th June, from 6p.m. - 12 midnight. The venue will be the T.V. Room, Castle End, Clare Colony, Chesterton Lane. Ask Anthony Grocock how to get there. We will be showing


Last of the Mohicans



This term’s Labyrinth trip will be on Sunday 20th June. If you want to go, get in touch with Dave Wright by the Pub Meeting on the Blh June at the latest.

Mone L.R.P

Ed Carter is planning a “Ghost Story” session, at £5 a head, for some time after the exams. He would also like 6 others to do a basic L.R.P. adventure with Portly Pixies, an L.R.P. group based in Coventry, which will cost £10 + transport, again some time after the exams. If you’re interested in either of these ventures, please contact Ed to arrange the precise time and date, preferably not later than Monday 31st May. Ed’s phone number is Cambridge 312448.

Laser Quest

The Society has been asked to enter a team for a charity competition of Laser Quest sometime in May Week. We need seven volunteers, and the cost per head is £4.50. Proceeds go to fund an ecological expedition to Borneo. Get in touch with a Committee member if you’re interested;we’ll try and have more details soon.


Chapter 1

  1. In the beginning were the rules, and the rules were with God, and the rules were God.
  2. And God said “Let them be bought”, and they were bought.
  3. And God saw that it was good.
  4. Evening passed and morning came, and that was the first day.
  5. And God said
  6. Behold I draw a line and do separate the sea from the land.
  7. And God saw that it was good.
  8. Evening passed and morning came, and that was the second day.
  9. And God did raise up mountains and set down rivers,
  10. And forests did grow up where he set his foot,
  11. And weather systems did cohere in close proximity to their opposite.
  12. And God saw that it was good.
  13. Evening passed and morning came, and that was the third day.
  14. And God did create many strange creatures, and did send them forth into the land,
  15. And did say unto them
  16. Go forth and multiply, but have no regard for what you will ea,t, for behold,
  17. I have created you all carnivores.
  18. And God saw that it was good.
  19. Evening passed and morning came, and that was the fourth day.
  20. And God did form in his mind many strange civilisations,
  21. And they did come to populate the globe in very vastness,
  22. And behold they did fall for no apparent reason, leaving behind their ruins,
  23. And behold they did somehow manage to leave all their treasure in these ruins,
  24. And verily the people who lived there did not touch it,
  25. For it was dedicated to God.
  26. And God saw that it was good.
  27. Evening passed and morning came, and that was the fifth day.
  28. And God was lonely in his world, so God did create NPCs, making them in his own image.
  29. And these NPCs were formed from the best cardboard,
  30. And lo the best of them were truly two dimensional,
  31. And God did set them down in the village of Eden,
  32. Where there was a shop that sold plate mail in vast quantities,
  33. And a population that spent all its time in the tavern,
  34. And verily did not talk unto strangers but merely looked upon them with a dark gaze.
  35. And God saw that it was good.
  36. Evening passed and morning came, and that was the sixth day.
  37. And on the seventh day, God roleplayed.

Chapter 2

  1. And lo God spake unto his players, saying,
  2. Behold my new campaign world,
  3. And verily, I have been working on it all week.
  4. And the players waxed sore impressed, and did take the rules and generate their characters.
  5. But one of the players did find a loophole in the rules, and did create a super-character,
  6. And he did name him Lucifer, which signifieth, Light-bringer,
  7. B t Go_d ?id misgive him in his heart. and did pnvily nameth the character Satan, which is, The Adversary.
  8. An_d behold the characters did meet the mam NPC,
  9. And verily he did tell Lucifer that he looked a fool in all that rumour
  10. And Lucifer waxed wroth with the man,
  11. And did strike him with his Magic Sword,
  12. And behold the NPC was stricken unto death.
  13. And God did wax passing wroth with Lucifer, and did say
  14. Cursed art thou, Lucifer, among all the players. For what thou hast done thou shalt go upon thy belly in the dust
  15. And Lucifer spake uno God, saying
  16. Thou bastard, just because thy character failed his saving throw.
  17. Thou canst not do this unto me.
  18. And God saw that Lucifer waxed prideful and did cast him into the outer darkness,
  19. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  20. And the other players did murmur among themselves, saying
  21. Who will now buy the drinks, for Lucifer had a proper job.
  22. And they did look unto the LORD for succour,
  23. But the LORD was a student and had a massive overdraft.

Chapter 3

  1. And behold the campaign did continue,
  2. And Lucifer did foment . rebellion against the LORD fromoutside,
  3. Anddid promise to run Vampire if they would but tum fromthe LORD and worship him.
  4. And the players were sore tempted.
  5. And the LORD heard the murmurings from the players,
  6. Like unto a very lynchmob,
  7. And did wax woth with them, saying in his heart,
  8. They doth forget all the work I put into this world.
  9. And the LORD did resolve to punish the players.
  10. And behold there was a great flood and the world was drowned,
  11. But the LORD’s favourite NPC did build an ark and survive the flood,
  12. And the players did rail truly against the LORD, saying
  13. We have spent much time on those characters, thou canst not just kill them.
  14. And why did thy NPC build a bloody great ship in the middle of the desert just before the flood, thou cheat?
  15. And the LORD did say unto them
  16. I am the LORD, and I can do as I will.
  17. And the players did all turn from the LORD and willfully leave him.
  18. And the LORD did wail and gnash his teeth, . ,
  19. But the players joined Lucifer s Vampire Chronicle, .
  20. And verily they saw that 1t was good.

Annual Dinner Photos

Will soon be uvudable fru111 A11Ll1011y l,;ro :uck. If you’ve order •d 011 ’, don’l f org -l lo pick il up

Convention Time

A l day Hole Playing Conve11lio11 is !wing planned for ncxl lerin, 011 Sulurduy lh I) •cc111bcr, here in Cflmbri<lge. Mor dcluils will b • uvuilul>lc early ncxl lcrm. In lhc mcunlimc, lulk lo 11:d Carter aboul il.

Chris Watts’ Plea

If any of you have already hud iucus for ampaig_nsyou’d like to run nexl year, please R •l m t uch lh Chris Walls wilh us m1111y deluils us possible, either by lhc end of lhis Lenn or ol. Lli, v ry slarl of nexl lerrn. This is so lhulw, cun give new members ncxl year some idcu of lh, campaigns that are likely lo be ru1111ing. Also, is there anyone out lhere who wanls lo wril, u scenario for nexl year’s Varsily Match? Bceuusc it’s our turn to hosl…

3rd Year Members

If any of you are leaving Cambridge, Cambridge for good this year, andd you would like to stay in touch with the Society, please get in touch with Iain Wolker and give him a contact address to which we can send Newsletters. £2 would also be useful to cover postage costs. (Real World members outside Cambridge don’t. forget lo send us another £2 sometime to cover next year’s postage). Those of you who are going to be staying on to do post-grad work, please let us know us well.

Drama Corner

A full Text. of “Ye Tragicall Comedic of Advanced CyberClthulhu & Curpshammer 2000” the last play to be written by the Elizabethan playwright Thomas Marlowespear, will be available, along with an introductory essay by the Editor, from Iain Walker for the price of a photocopy. Alternatively, you could try telling him how the Society won’l be the same without him, in which case he might give you one free.

This Year’s Committee will have been

President:Chris Carr(Zcbedee)13 Warkworth St. (Downing), <CC112>
Vice President:Stephen, New Court, StJohn’s
Secretary:Iain Walker(Cutout Cardboard Shrub With No Soul)10 Hale St. (Emmanuel)
Assistant Secretary:Chris Watts(Dougal)Z20, Christ’s, <CRW11>
Junior Treasurer:Anthony Grocock(Brian)Rm.2, 9 Chesterton Lane (Clare), <AfG24>
External Officer:David Wright(Dylan)Y11. Kings (Box 776)